Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Eurasian Dilemma

I did a thing on Youtube :P

I'll just leave this gem of a 'rant' here haha. Also, I reaaaally should blog again hahaha D:

xoxo NANA

Friday, March 14, 2014

"What Are You?"

I seriously hate this question.

Also, if you are a follower/regular reader of my blog, this entry will be way off the spectrum of what I usually write about. The following is a rant, because frankly, I'm fed up!

So after some lurking on tumblr, I came about an article on Huffington Post, where a young woman explains how she feels about being asked "What are you?" Rest assured, she doesn't like it, and has similar sentiments as myself.

Here is the article if you'd like to read it yourself, and watch the video interview she had:


The following are my sentiments on how I feel about it:
Firstly, I want to start off by saying how wonderfully written this article was. It honestly brought tears to my eyes to read, because how Andromeda (the author) explained her struggle with her identity growing up, being an outcast, dealing with it as a young modern woman in today's society, was exactly how I felt. 
Moving on. I'm sorry, but I highly doubt a lot of people would ask someone non-mixed (noticeably, since pretty much no one is "pure" so to speak) "what are you?" So why do people feel like it's okay to ask someone who is mixed this question?
I find too often that people are curious to know because they don't know how to act around me without being able to tap into the "knowledge" they have about certain races. And almost always assuming some sort of odd circumstance had to occur for my parents to create me. My dad apparently has to be soldier who was over in Asia, until I tell them its my dad who is ASIAN, not the other way around. To which, they continue to be more perplexed as to how a Caucasian woman & Asian man could find themselves in a relationship together to the point of having children.
It bothers me when people "sympathize" with one part of my identity. No, I do not find it flattering when you say "oh, but she's Chinese too". Was there something wrong with me before you knew I was part Chinese? Or vice versa?
The reason lately this has been bothering more than ever (because I've been dealing with this my whole life, at school, work, mall, the park, random places, different cities, provinces, countries, etc.) if you've noticed my recent spam in my protest for some respect, it's because I was attacked (verbally) by someone for correcting them in what my identity was. It went something like this:
Random stranger: what are you?Me: excuse me?
Random stranger: what country did you come from? are you mixed?*At this point, because he was badgering me I decided to give in & just give him the 411 on my heritage.
Me: I'm Chinese--*Don't even get to finish talking
Random Stranger: Oh, so you're Asian.*He got this smug look on his face, and turned away from me. Because apparently now that he knew what he wanted to know, he didn't have any use for me.
Me: Actually, I'm Canadian. I was born here. My parents were born here.*He got so irritated so fast, and I'm not all sure what he said at this point because I was so overwhelmed by his reaction, but he basically went on a rant of how I was denying my heritage, a failure to my race, blah blah blah.
Excuse me? I'm a failure to my race? I'm PROUD to be a Canadian. But being a Canadian isn't all that's apart of my identity. I'm so many more things, and if you don't want to take the time to get to know who I am, don't you dare ask me "what are you."
Seriously at the point, this is where I'm going to start slapping people & flip out.


On a side note, I've gotten a huge oppurtunity to be working with someone to improve my Gyaru style (complete topic change haha), so fun & exciting thigns in the future!!

xoxo NANA <3

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

For reals I still blog... x___x

Went out to dinner at the Cactus Club that opened up @ downtown
Yummy Sushi cones!
Seriously this whole "blog on time" thing I keep saying I do, never happens! I should just not plan to blog & it'll happen naturally TToTT 


Here are some makeup shots I had before I went to work :) I'm happy with how my makeup looks...but I'm actually kinda bored lately with how it looks, I want to try something new! Lot of gyaru magazines are starting to become the "in crowd" look = subdue looking makeup >:S I've been floating around the internet for a look that'll put some energy in my look!


Anywho! I feel like I've been on a gyaru hiatus :( The reason being is the following story (lol):
Around the beginning of November my eyes had some sort of "inflammatory response" (whatever that means...) to either my contacts or contact solution :S My optometrist said the corneas of my eyes (which my brother told me is like the outside part of your eye? I don't quite remember anymore...) were swollen, resulting in my eyes/eye sockets feeling lots of pain. I felt like some gorilla punched me in both eyes >"< My eyes were watering lots, and I was quite sensitive to light :( I got some eye drop medication that helped heal my eyes quickly! & was reduced to wearing my glasses constantly :( & forbidden to wear contacts in order to let my eyes heal & rest....
I understand why I shouldn't wear contacts to let my eyes rest, but my makeup felt sooo boring! To be honest, I got lazier at it, you get to thinking "why bother" since I look like every other girl? The worse was when the new circle lenses I ordered finally arrived a week after this whole eye fiasco >3<" Just my luck!
....I wore them for the first time the other day!! My eyes were slightly sensitive, I wore them for only a couple hours & removed them immediately when I got home. Throughly cleaned the lenses, bought new solution! Hopefully this doesn't cause another problem with my eyes ><

Now for a photo spam!

* The circle lenses were ordered from: HoneyColor

Circle Lens info:
* Name: Flora Gerbera (in blue!)
* Comfort: 
* Design: 
* Color: 
~ The only reason I gave color a 4/5 was for the fact that I wanted them to appear brighter >___> I will take more photos later of closeups with the lenses on!
* Overall: 

Throw in some selfies :P Also, I'm planning on doing a makeup video again soon! It's been almost a year since the last one >"<

That's all for now! Till next time :)

xoxo NANA <3

Monday, November 25, 2013

Youtube Video o___o?!

Long time no see blog ;)

This is just a quickie of a post (huhuhu), but I couldn't not share it! Now those of you who know me IRL/friends with me on my personal Facebook account, you most likely about a year and a half ago saw this video posted on Facebook :D

We (I can speak for myself, I don't know about my brother) are not singers/performers, we're just smart asses! XD & we both truly do love Marvin Gaye songs, because man could he sing and work that stage. Such presence!

The reason I put it on Youtube now goes something along the lines of this little interlude:
My grandparents only recently got a Facebook account/becoming active on it, and happen to see our video! My grandpa called us killing himself with laughter (as reported by same brother who talk to him) and was sure we must have put it on Youtube.... We hadn't!
* Now if the grandparents say you should put it on Youtube, what could it hurt? So I'm doing just that!

Without further delay, here's this gem of a beauty:

I'll leave you all with that!

muah! xoxo NANA

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Life Changes

Hello lovelies :)

I've been having a hard time knowing what to blog about. I have so many things to say from over the summer, it almost felt overwhelming trying to play catch up. But the thing was, no one was asking me to write about all those things, I put the pressure on myself.

Too silly!


Over the past couple months I have decide to 'revamp' my lifestyle. As in, my health emotionally and physically.

A friend of mine, coincidentally at the time of this spontaneous need to be a better me, reached out online saying she was certified as a yoga instructor and wanted to give out lessons. What better way to strengthen my body and mind? So I've been doing pretty consistently twice a week for a month! I already feel excited to go to yoga, I want to challenge myself, feel my muscles pull when I try to learn a new move. It's enthralling!

Now another friend of mine (I really am surrounded by a great group of people) has been diligently working out at the gym, monitoring her diet, possibly writing a book about how to do all this? :D (Can't say details yet, but I will soon when she gives me the go ahead!) Anyway, I went to her about possibly lending me her knowledge on how to weight train, fitness exercises, monitoring my diet (what's good, what's not), etc. She said yes!

With all of this going on, school, possibly showing my art to the public to sell? :O Past couple of months have gone by in a flurry!

I'll leave you with some photos compiled together of my Black*Gold Saw cosplay from Animethon 20!

muah! bye <3
xoxo NANA

Thursday, September 12, 2013

I have a blog o___o?!

I swear the only blog posts I write are the "I swear I'm alive!!" type of posts.... I have my eyelash/circle lenses haul, the con from last weekend (my first cosplay I actually MADE majority of everything), and general ootd/motd posts I'd like to talk about :) Along with the gyarusa in my city I'm trying to spur into action (thanks to the help of the couple gals who are also in my area!)~~
ootd breakdown
croptop bustier: Dynamite / harem pants: Dynamite
My outfit of the day for my friend's birthday dinner!
top: H&M / skirt: H&M / handbag: Hello Kitty from STREET / headband: Claire's
Bubble Tea from Dream Tea House! (same day as above photo)

I'm going to leave this post off with these few photos, well honestly because I want to put something out on my blog. My last post didn't even count... >___>''

xoxo NANA

p.s. I've just started the semester here at school (third year woo woo! :3), & slowly getting into a routine of things. I'm going to make a hour block spot to work on blogging :) 

Friday, August 2, 2013

Attention Edmonton Gals!

EDMONTON GALS, that's what's up! 

Thanks to a friend down east (love for all the east coast gals in Ontario <3) who honestly is more active in finding out about gals down in the west here then me~ hahaha. BUT, thanks to her, I have now become aware of at least 4 more gals in Edmonton, so with a little courage I began to add a couple of the gals on Facebook and began to have a conversation with one about actually starting our own circle :O !! 

I know of ONE gal circle (newly) created by bloggers Pinkie & Rinkkopuff, called Sugar Rose. Other than that, much doesn't happen down west, there definitely is a good share of gal bloggers in B.C I believe, but that dynamic of a gal sa in the home base of Alberta hasn't been achieved..yet :P 

Without further ado, I have created a Facebook group in order for all of us Edmonton gals to gather, swap ideas, and hopefully come up with a circle! I've heard from a couple gals that they'd be at Animethon this year, and I'd love to meet up that weekend :3

Edmonton Gals ♥~~Fellow gals get involved! If you see this, go to the Facebook page, & spread the word!!

Let's make this happen, gal style!

xoxo Nana