Saturday, October 26, 2013

Life Changes

Hello lovelies :)

I've been having a hard time knowing what to blog about. I have so many things to say from over the summer, it almost felt overwhelming trying to play catch up. But the thing was, no one was asking me to write about all those things, I put the pressure on myself.

Too silly!


Over the past couple months I have decide to 'revamp' my lifestyle. As in, my health emotionally and physically.

A friend of mine, coincidentally at the time of this spontaneous need to be a better me, reached out online saying she was certified as a yoga instructor and wanted to give out lessons. What better way to strengthen my body and mind? So I've been doing pretty consistently twice a week for a month! I already feel excited to go to yoga, I want to challenge myself, feel my muscles pull when I try to learn a new move. It's enthralling!

Now another friend of mine (I really am surrounded by a great group of people) has been diligently working out at the gym, monitoring her diet, possibly writing a book about how to do all this? :D (Can't say details yet, but I will soon when she gives me the go ahead!) Anyway, I went to her about possibly lending me her knowledge on how to weight train, fitness exercises, monitoring my diet (what's good, what's not), etc. She said yes!

With all of this going on, school, possibly showing my art to the public to sell? :O Past couple of months have gone by in a flurry!

I'll leave you with some photos compiled together of my Black*Gold Saw cosplay from Animethon 20!

muah! bye <3
xoxo NANA

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