Sunday, April 22, 2012

HUGE update & mini photo spam <3

HUGE update & mini photo spam <3

I'm back! I need a mental break from studying, since this has been me the past couple days (above hungover looking owl XD) TT_TT I'm done 2 out of 4 of my finals! *celebratory dance. Really trying my best to do better than first semester, since second year things will be even tougher \: Had my English final this past friday, so I had spent the week before re-reading all the material (one of them was No Country For Old Men) & I had my yummy pocky (strawberry my favourite with little chunkies <3). 


I got my hair cut about a week ago also! Still have the centre part, just cleaned up how the bangs were to blend in more to the rest of the length, and took about 3 inches off the bottom. It feels so short even though it still looks long XD My "before" photos that I took...even though I never really took a nice "after", I had good intentions beforehand!! Just need my layers to keep growing out longer in the back, that way when I do a side braid, the side of my hair won't keep coming undone >_>

I'm sorry in advance too if this post seems really sporadic, I've wanted to post a lot of photos/updates but hadn't found the time in between school and work, & then the "TAG 11 Things" post took up more time then expected :S But I wanted to post something at least, I've only had one post so far (excluding this one) in April ): meh! Hopefully once exams are over (Thursday, Apr. 26) I can get into the groove of some regular blogging :') If that doesn't win you over, look at this cute little puppy!! OMG I'm in love with this little guy <33 & he was a moustache (even cuter!!) 


So the day that emixlea tagged me, lovely spring got dumped on my winter...typically Edmonton weather to be miserable ):< The weird thing was it wasn't cold out, I had bundled myself up with layer after layer of clothes, only for it to be warm & slushy -_-*

I made Snickerdoodle cupcakes that night! They turned out really well, & were super yummy <3 & this was my first time making the right amount of icing & it actually tasting good ._."

While I waited for the cupcakes to bake, I made myself a salad (FRESH bacon bits everything is better with bacon..., cherry tomatoes, red peppers, chopped up boiled egg, romaine lettuce & caesar dressing!<3) and a salmon sandwich (like when you mix tuna with mayo...but with salmon instead :D just as tasty!)

I took photos of my campus that night when I was studying at the Science building :O isn't it so pretty?! There's so many stairs & pathways that criss cross...couldn't get a good shot, but it's like Harry Potter stairways...except the stairs don't move... >w<


Last weekend my family (mom's side) had our weekly family dinner on Sunday at my grandparents' house :) My cousin introduced us to her new boyfriend & he brought CUPCAKES (I quickly accepted him into our family always wins me over XD). They were delicious! Pictures [from left to right/top to bottom]: Reeses Peanut Buttercup, Red Velvet, Cotton Candy, & Oreo. All of the cupcakes were different flavours (these are the only ones I tried, not all in one night!) and the icing tasted like cheesecake but with the unique flavour of the cupcake.


I've had this renewed obsession these past two months of constantly watching....

Buffy the Vampire Slayer!!
This show is seriously the best, I'm already half way done season 4, Joss Whedon is an amazing creative person! I think every project (Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog, go watch it!) he does is a success. I had been looking for awhile for somewhere to buy all 7 seasons, since I was in grade 8 or 9? Either way, a long time ago. Now that my parents bought Netflix, I found Buffy...all seven obviously I had to start watching to satisfy my cravings for some REAL vampires (none of this sparkly crap), and you know the first season or two didn't have a very good story line. But in season 4 you can see a huge shift, there is character development, plot is continuous, I'm so addicted to watching episode after episode TT---TT


I'm also getting pre-excited for the anime convention that is happening in my city: Animethon. I've been going for about 6 years now, even volunteered at a Japanese Fashion Show (represented gyaru! though at the time I didn't know much about gyaru...), but never cosplayed. I have a huge respect for cosplayers, takes balls & talent. Especially to those who make their outfits, you're undoubtedly amazing. So this year I am going to cosplay! I already order one part of my costume, trying to get everything in order waaaay before the event (which is in August....I wasn't kidding when i said pre-excited.)

I'll be cosplaying as...Hatsune Miku!! I ordered the butterfly headphones from the MikuXLuka in Magnet, since those headphones look really kickass. What I can't decide is if I should use the butterfly headphones with the regular Hastune Miku outfit, or with the outfit you typically see her in with the butterfly headset. 

Randomly found this photo through google searches, this is NOT my photo & I was trying to steal it in anyway.

Let me know what you think!


Last night (finally caught up to present day T_T) I went shopping at Murale's for makeup :) I needed some eye makeup remover, new foundation (always had problems with getting the right tint), & ended up buying a coral blush I had been hoping to get! They gave a free sample of a Chanel eau de toilette (basically watered down perfume, but stronger than body mist), & a $30 giftcard for next time!

The coral blush I got was benefit's Coralista, it smelt really nice too! The blush goes on really nice, & the cute little blush brush was very soft. Love it! Will have to take some pictures with my makeup done & using Coral for the first time :)

I got my standard Lancome eye makeup remover, I don't splurge much for makeup usually, but if it is a good product I will. I find that the Lancome one isn't very oily, cleans ALL my makeup off in one go (I use one cotton pad per eye) & don't have to use too much product. 

I've never bought anything from Bobbi Brown, but whenever I've gone into Sephora, admired the products, quality seemed good, but never really needed to splurge on something I didn't need. The sweet girl who worked at Murale helped me pick this foundation out. Before I had never quite found a foundation that quite matched my skin tone, it was either too pink or too yellow/orange undertones to it, I needed a 'cooler' foundation color, and hadn't found it till yesterday <3 She removed my foundation I already had on & applied the Bobbi Brown foundation, first only one half so I could see the difference, it matched my skintone perfectly! The makeup artist had found something exactly that I was looking for: lightweight, moisturizing, not too oily, & had good coverage!

I would definitely go back <3


I drew one of my OC as a gal, & my attempt on sujimori hairstyle :) I really liked how her eyes turned out (my favourite part to draw!). 

On that note it's late, & I'm FINALLY done with all the updates I wanted to post XD I'll leave you with this cute kitty! omg I'm posting cat photos now....-__-*


Monday, April 16, 2012

TAG 11 Things ~EmixLea

HI :) I was planning on giving a big update post again when I saw a comment left by EmixLea on my last post saying they had TAGGED me! I'm glad they tagged me, since I've never been 'tagged' in a blog before <3 So thank you Emi & Lea!! *Honestly everyone should check out their blog, I love how it's either Emi or Lea blogging, their writing voice is similar but they're both unique ^^

* On a side note, did anyone notice I switched to DISQUS for commenting, good / bad ? Let me know! If it's too annoying, I can always switch it back :)
*~ Comments started disappearing so I took off DISQUS until I can figure out what was wrong T_T

ON WITH THE TAG POST (*does a happy dance)

*Post 11 random facts about yourself
*Answer 11 questions that the tagger asked
*Tag another 11 and ask them 11 questions that they are supposed to answer
*Inform them that you have tagged them

11 Facts About Me (...that have randomly come to mind XD)

1. I don't have one favourite food. I through phases of different types of food I like to eat <3 I like to try all different ethnic foods too, I'm always looking for somewhere cool to eat yummy food :) *Currently my obsession is toasted sandwich with mayo, tomatoes & bacon <3 delicious!!

2. In grade 10 I loved gal magazines, but at the time never knew what the heck gyaru was. 

3. I love learning languages! I've taken Mandarin Chinese as a second language from kindergarten to grade 12. & my first year of university (this year!) I started taking Japanese :) Next language I'd like to take is either German or French!

4. I'm a die hard Sailor Moon fan since the dubbed anime came out <3 Now that the manga is being re-released in North America, I'm buying it up!! I love all the characters, Usagi & Mamoru BEST COUPLE EVER!! I read SM fan fiction too ehehe (don't like other anime fan fics, just SM!) As a kid I looked up to Usagi so much, I was sure I was a moon princess too (I was in kindergarten!) TT-TT

5. I'm cosplaying as Hatsune Miku this summer at Animethon 19 :) first time cosplaying!

6. DISLIKE when random strangers ask me what my ethnicity is...& they always ask "what are you?" what kind of question is that?! -_-*

7. I love to wear makeup, because I can experiment with different styles, techniques. I could care less about not wearing makeup, but for me it's fun so that's why I always wear it :)

8. I love to draw. Whenever I draw up a character (usually supernatural) I create a little background story about them, even if I don't ever decide to write a story/draw a manga.

9. I like to joke around / tease people XD Can't get enough laughter! or I'm just a smart ass XD

10. I have two bucket lists, the first is a list of things I want to accomplish in the next three years (when I get my Bachelor of Arts) & the other list is lifetime goals I want to achieve 

11. Deathly afraid of heights. I will hyperventilate & probably cry Dx Yet if dared / challenged to go on a roller coaster I'll do it T_T* 

11 Questions from Emi & Lea :) !
1. Well since we are twins, if you where a twin how would you like to tease other people with your twin?

Hmm to pull a prank on other people I'd wear the exact same thing as my twin (same makeup, hairstyle) & go in two spots, have my twin say one thing & when the person saw me I'd act like I didn't know what they are talking about and say the opposite XD does that make sense O_O...

2.What is the thing/person that facinates you the most?
Bad Drivers! I do NOT understand how someone can get their license (they'd have to be a decent driver) & turn into a psycho driver?!?! 

3. If you could choose 3 languages that you where born with, which would you choose and why?
Toisan (dialect of Chinese -my dad never taught my siblings or I the dialect he spoke)
English (so I could talk to my mom still & other half of family!)
French (it downright just sounds sexy) 

4. What is your favorite memory?
The day my youngest sibling had a successful second surgery to remove the tumour on his liver. Best day ever, I've never been so happy.

5. What is your pet peeve?
People who are passive aggressive, & don't just say what they mean. 
Ex. "I'm sooo hungry, I wish I had something to eat..." *they stare at you.
WTF get off your lazy ass & get your own food! T_T getting angry just thinking about it...

6. If you had a superpower, what would it be and what would you do with it?
I'd want wings :) Giant feathery wings, so I could fly! I have an obsession with wings (which doesn't make sense that I want to fly if I'm scared of heights....) I draw them all the time on my OCs :)

7. If you could choose any one animal in the world and have it compleatly obedient as a pet, what animal would you choose?
Dragon. How badass would that be :D ?

8. Where have you traveled to, and which of those was your favorite? Why?
California (Disney Land), Hawaii (Maui & Honolulu), China (Xi'An, Cheng Du, Shanghai, Beijing, Hunan, Hong Kong).
China was my favourite! Love all the different food there! Love everyone there, the fashion, music, everything about it :) & I'm including HK in China, not trying to start a political debate but that way I can pick it into my fave :P

9.  What kind of fashion style do you like the most, and what really "different" stylle do you want to try?
GYARU! I'm an aspiring gal, I hope to be one soon :) I know I don't look like an Ane/Ora gal, but I loveee that style of gal & it's very different then how I look. I'm sorta " undefined " in what style I'm in, I prefer the more rokku edgier look (love wearing black :D). But Ane/Ora I love how it's concentrated on eyemake! Which is my favorite part of makeup :)

10. What is your favorite online shop?
YESSTYLE :) Because there are so many different brands & different stuff you can buy! You can buy clothes, accessories, shoes, make up, bags, swimwear, you name it!

11.  Favorite anime/TV show? Why?
Sailor Moon. No questions asked. *explained above in random fact #4 :P

Questions from Me!
1. What is your favourite food & Why? (Pick one only!)
2. If you could have some sort of supernatural power what would it be?
3. A zombie apocalypse: run & hide OR fight? If run & hide, where would you go? If fight, how would you take down the zombie onslaught?
4. What are 3 things you want to do before you die?
5. Top 2 favorite manga or cartoon/anime? & WHY :P I have to somehow make these questions interesting XD
6. What is your bad habit (pick your nose, litter, be a sparkly vampire)?
7. If you could describe yourself in 3 words, what would they be?
8. Who was your childhood hero?
9. What's your favourite drink? I'm asking too many food related questions x_x
10. What's your favourite holiday & why? :)
11. Vampires or Werewolves? I might have ran out of ideas for questions... XD

1. Emi ♔ ! *Beauty is an opinion へようこそ* !
2. れいや : suicidal rock city
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10. ✦christian✦ : dim skeletons

okay bye! this is the last time I do one of these, seriously took me over a week to finish it =_=
* I don't know why the heck a huge chunk of this post is mini sized....I went through 2 times going over the font size & it still looks smurfed *@* !! especially since it looks normal when I go into edit it.....ARGH sorry readers ):

xoxo NANA