Thursday, September 12, 2013

I have a blog o___o?!

I swear the only blog posts I write are the "I swear I'm alive!!" type of posts.... I have my eyelash/circle lenses haul, the con from last weekend (my first cosplay I actually MADE majority of everything), and general ootd/motd posts I'd like to talk about :) Along with the gyarusa in my city I'm trying to spur into action (thanks to the help of the couple gals who are also in my area!)~~
ootd breakdown
croptop bustier: Dynamite / harem pants: Dynamite
My outfit of the day for my friend's birthday dinner!
top: H&M / skirt: H&M / handbag: Hello Kitty from STREET / headband: Claire's
Bubble Tea from Dream Tea House! (same day as above photo)

I'm going to leave this post off with these few photos, well honestly because I want to put something out on my blog. My last post didn't even count... >___>''

xoxo NANA

p.s. I've just started the semester here at school (third year woo woo! :3), & slowly getting into a routine of things. I'm going to make a hour block spot to work on blogging :) 

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