Wednesday, December 4, 2013

For reals I still blog... x___x

Went out to dinner at the Cactus Club that opened up @ downtown
Yummy Sushi cones!
Seriously this whole "blog on time" thing I keep saying I do, never happens! I should just not plan to blog & it'll happen naturally TToTT 


Here are some makeup shots I had before I went to work :) I'm happy with how my makeup looks...but I'm actually kinda bored lately with how it looks, I want to try something new! Lot of gyaru magazines are starting to become the "in crowd" look = subdue looking makeup >:S I've been floating around the internet for a look that'll put some energy in my look!


Anywho! I feel like I've been on a gyaru hiatus :( The reason being is the following story (lol):
Around the beginning of November my eyes had some sort of "inflammatory response" (whatever that means...) to either my contacts or contact solution :S My optometrist said the corneas of my eyes (which my brother told me is like the outside part of your eye? I don't quite remember anymore...) were swollen, resulting in my eyes/eye sockets feeling lots of pain. I felt like some gorilla punched me in both eyes >"< My eyes were watering lots, and I was quite sensitive to light :( I got some eye drop medication that helped heal my eyes quickly! & was reduced to wearing my glasses constantly :( & forbidden to wear contacts in order to let my eyes heal & rest....
I understand why I shouldn't wear contacts to let my eyes rest, but my makeup felt sooo boring! To be honest, I got lazier at it, you get to thinking "why bother" since I look like every other girl? The worse was when the new circle lenses I ordered finally arrived a week after this whole eye fiasco >3<" Just my luck!
....I wore them for the first time the other day!! My eyes were slightly sensitive, I wore them for only a couple hours & removed them immediately when I got home. Throughly cleaned the lenses, bought new solution! Hopefully this doesn't cause another problem with my eyes ><

Now for a photo spam!

* The circle lenses were ordered from: HoneyColor

Circle Lens info:
* Name: Flora Gerbera (in blue!)
* Comfort: 
* Design: 
* Color: 
~ The only reason I gave color a 4/5 was for the fact that I wanted them to appear brighter >___> I will take more photos later of closeups with the lenses on!
* Overall: 

Throw in some selfies :P Also, I'm planning on doing a makeup video again soon! It's been almost a year since the last one >"<

That's all for now! Till next time :)

xoxo NANA <3

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