Friday, August 2, 2013

Attention Edmonton Gals!

EDMONTON GALS, that's what's up! 

Thanks to a friend down east (love for all the east coast gals in Ontario <3) who honestly is more active in finding out about gals down in the west here then me~ hahaha. BUT, thanks to her, I have now become aware of at least 4 more gals in Edmonton, so with a little courage I began to add a couple of the gals on Facebook and began to have a conversation with one about actually starting our own circle :O !! 

I know of ONE gal circle (newly) created by bloggers Pinkie & Rinkkopuff, called Sugar Rose. Other than that, much doesn't happen down west, there definitely is a good share of gal bloggers in B.C I believe, but that dynamic of a gal sa in the home base of Alberta hasn't been achieved..yet :P 

Without further ado, I have created a Facebook group in order for all of us Edmonton gals to gather, swap ideas, and hopefully come up with a circle! I've heard from a couple gals that they'd be at Animethon this year, and I'd love to meet up that weekend :3

Edmonton Gals ♥~~Fellow gals get involved! If you see this, go to the Facebook page, & spread the word!!

Let's make this happen, gal style!

xoxo Nana


  1. Yay congratulations on the new group! LOL there definitely isn't a lot of action going on in the west coast.. although I don't know many Ontario gals either because they don't seem quite active :O Anyway I added you on fb, hope to talk there :)

    1. thank you! I feel like the west coast CAN get something going! I'm remaining positive that we can unite together XD

  2. Ohh~ I hope you can find more gals in your area ^__^ <3


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