Monday, November 25, 2013

Youtube Video o___o?!

Long time no see blog ;)

This is just a quickie of a post (huhuhu), but I couldn't not share it! Now those of you who know me IRL/friends with me on my personal Facebook account, you most likely about a year and a half ago saw this video posted on Facebook :D

We (I can speak for myself, I don't know about my brother) are not singers/performers, we're just smart asses! XD & we both truly do love Marvin Gaye songs, because man could he sing and work that stage. Such presence!

The reason I put it on Youtube now goes something along the lines of this little interlude:
My grandparents only recently got a Facebook account/becoming active on it, and happen to see our video! My grandpa called us killing himself with laughter (as reported by same brother who talk to him) and was sure we must have put it on Youtube.... We hadn't!
* Now if the grandparents say you should put it on Youtube, what could it hurt? So I'm doing just that!

Without further delay, here's this gem of a beauty:

I'll leave you all with that!

muah! xoxo NANA

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