Thursday, April 4, 2013

( TT p TT )" Flora Gerbera Circle Lens Review

hello lovelies <3

I'm already writing again :O This semester feels like it's going well, my work schedule seems more consistent, time with my best friend+boyfriend (gotta keep it balanced!), family time, & being on top of my school work :) Finally what seems after a year & half I've found a happy medium! I feel I finally can manage my life a little better & still enjoy the things I love~
So sad, already the end of the semester that I'm finally posting this TTwTT I'm sorry!!

Now I did say I would review on the haul of falsies+circle lenses I got, & I was on the fence for a couple days whether or not I actually wanted to go through with that idea...not that I go back on my word, but I felt all of a sudden I was "commercializing" what blogging is to me. I don't want to endorse ( T  w   T )"...but I figured I'd say something briefly for the sake of anyone looking to see what these contacts/falsies are like (an unbiased customer opinion ._. ) Since at the time when I was ordering mine, I couldn't find a review on them & took a HUGE leap of faith >~< I don't want anyone else to have to do that & not end up liking them ):

Initially I felt like the contacts weren't really that comfortable, I found them a little stiff. Let them sit in some solution overnight--most magical lenses ever :) My first time with an unnatural color as well >3<
This is how it looks without flash, it does look darker the purple!

As you can see, in the light (with flash +the photo ) the purple is much brighter.

The purple looks pretty cool with my hazel eyes underneath  ^o^ In love with the design as well. Very happy of the result of having an unnatural colour, people don't usually notice right away it's purple but they do a double take when they look at my eyes XD

 For those of you who have lighter eye colour like me (specifically HAZEL) this is how the colour will appear. I've found it especially frustrating looking online, and most of (virtually all) the reviews I found the blogger/reviewer had either dark brown eyes or blue/green. So, I've had to try to picture in between the brown + green/blue what the colour would look like on myself (TTwTT)||


If you are looking to order these here's the information:
Flora Gerbera Violet
here's the link to the site!  Honeycolor

I know I said I have tons to write about...I DO, but with finals literally right around the corner, I don't have much time to blog ): however, I really wanted to get this make shift/spur of the moment review of the contacts done. Cosplay season at cons is coming up, & this might be useful to whoever might want some purple eyes :P

I have started my draft for my next's just a matter of time for me to finish it x) 

xoxo NANA 

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