Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Rinkkopuff's 1st Giveaway ★ !!

I'm just going to spam you all with giveaways :P ahaha, her blog is quite interesting though! And she's a Canadian gal!! Which is exciting, since we seem to be a rare breed in Canada T___T

This is her blog: http://rinkkopuff.blogspot.ca/

* If you click the image, it will take you to the post with all the details about the giveaway. ALSO if you are prominently more on Tumblr, she made a separate giveaway for her Tumblr followers, details about that on her blogpost as well!

Good luck to everyone! & I will be posting actual posts soon...after finals >__> I should get back to writing my final paper -__-


  1. Thank you dear :) Where in Canada are you from? It's so weird how theres such a big Asian population here but I only know a couple of gals through this community >.<

    1. I'm from Edmonton, AB! So a province over ): I really want to make a trip out to B.C, because there seems to be a lot more gals! It is hard to find other gals >< so jelly when I see all the European & American gals who have tons around them TTwTT

    2. Haha yea D: If you ever come to Vancouver let me know! I'd love to meet more Canadian gals :3 Maybe have some meets too but thats wayyyy ahead in the future until there's actually enough people lol

    3. I will! It'd be nice to meet other people who understand your similar interests -.- especially in Edmonton where diversity seems to be the minority :S


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