Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Concept Idea @___@

I still have one more exam left...but in my spare time I've been thinking this blog, my dA, YoutTube, needs a new layout/look. I need a new concept. This just feels juvenile, doesn't feel me >___< I realize that I did just make a new header....that's besides the point though! :P 

Aimi Hana, I created that when I was in highschool, randomly using Japanese words T___T
Supposedly (who knows if my source was correct), Aimi means beautiful, and Hana means flower (I can say with a guarantee that is a real word! 

As you can see by the NEW banner, I've picked a new theme/name for my blog! What do you think? I'm not changing the URL just yet until I'm sure I love it. However, the name does hold meaning for me. As some of you might know, part of my heritage is Chinese, a nickname I had when I was younger was 小月 (pin yin: xiao yue). Which literally translates to little moon. For those of you who don't speak French, petite means small/little and luna means moon (explains why in Sailor Moon, Usagi/Serena's cat from the moon is named Luna σ^_^;).

Let me know what you think! The true few who read my blog, your opinions matter to me! Leave a comment below! Even on how you think the banner could be improved ^^"

xoxo Nana


  1. I don't suggest you change the URL. I had 2 friends who did and their posts didn't show up on the blog feed. And if it did, they won't link properly. Xiao yue is a very unique nickname :) I haven't heard it called before!

    1. Good point! A few blogs I've followed where they've tried to change the URL the blog was down for awhile. On the other hand, the name of the blog & URL is now so different -.-
      thank you! my grandparents still call me 阿華 in their dialect, which I don't think sounds as nice XD


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