Friday, February 24, 2012

❤ New Job !!

I got the job at VICTORIA SECRET ❤!! Monday they called me to book an appointment for a second interview :O I was so nervous wednesday for my interview, all I knew was it was a different interviewer then on Sunday. I was sooo stressed to dress to impress XD got to the interview early, was waiting for her, & then I heard my name called...!(◎_◎;)....the interviewer old coworker from a previous job at a retail store (=´∀`)人(´∀`=) !! What my luck!! Basically the interview was spent catching up with each other haha. Since we had worked so many times together, closed together & got along really well, she didn't have to ask any questions since she knew how I worked already :D BEST interview ever!! My first mini "shift" is tomorrow, I'm so excited!! Not just excited to work at VS, but to be working again \(//∇//)\

Afterwards I rewarded myself with buying this lipstick (RIMMEL London Coral Queen 620) I had been eyeing ❤I have an addiction with bold lipstick now, looks good with neutral eye make up that I've been leaning to lately. Also bought a new foundation (ALMAY smart shade) I wanted to try out. It's SUPPOSED to be 'skin tone matchiing'. I'm going to do a trial run with it for a week...because of using it for one day I don't see a difference (ーー;). & I got some more hairspray (can never have enough hair products!) - AUSSIE Sprunch; catch the wave *non aerosol. Good for spritzing in with damp hair while styling :) the commercial with the kangaroo doesn't lie!!(笑)

I made a pasta dish! Penne Garlic Alfredo ❤ soooo yummy, & I had it with my fave drink ever: iced tea :D I could NEVER get tired of iced tea (sweetened!)

Over the weekend I got back into some drawing again, paid my OCs a visit v(^_^v)♪ poor things got dusty with neglect...& I started working on some new sketches! February feels like it's going to end in a good note ❤

xoxo NANA

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