Saturday, February 18, 2012

Coord Snap σ(^_^;)

今晩はみんなさん!❤〔 good evening everybody! 〕

Quick post of a Coord I thought was too cute & very casual. I wore with UGGs, so it was a comfy outfit :)
I'm wondering if this is leaning towards the Amerikaji look? Don't really know much about that style. To me it felt like a laid back style that didn't make me look like a slob. & I think if I would have thrown on a "trucker" hat, would have completed the look a little more ( yes / no ? )

* disregard my makeup! (ToT)/~~~ or lack of. Getting some eyemazing lashes! & looking at some GEO lenses. Little nervous about getting GEO, because my last experience wearing them was very uncomfortable ):

Coord rundown:
Plaid button-up: Jack & Jones
Hello Kitty off-the-shoulder: H&M
Leggings: H&M
Cross necklace: H&M 【 I swear this necklace is my ultimate fave now & there's hardly an outfit I DON'T wear it with ❤】

Heading off to bed now! (-_-)zzz

xoxo ❤

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