Tuesday, December 4, 2012

wah )':

This is a quick entry because I really don't have anything of any substance to write about TT_TT My boyfriend left for Cambodia about a week and a half ago, and we had been messaging each other every 12 hours or so on facebook (I HAVE A BIGGER APPRECIATION FOR YOU NOW FACEBOOK ><!!), and while he had been on a brief weekend in Thailand facetiming <3....but now I haven't talked to him in like 36 hours and I'm so depressed ): soooo many things I want to tell him but I can't. It sucks because he's like my best friend too, and he's not here for me to chat about random crap that also has no substance to it :< I really can't wait for him to come back...in 2 more weeks ):

That's not the only reason I have nothing worth showing you all, I've been quite ill for the past 2 weeks ): boo! </3 Literally have not left the house almost the whole time, maybe that's why I feel so extra lonely without my boyfriend here..o_o??

Past week sucks! ):

I just handed in the final paper for one class (all finished!), and now I have two more finals to do..must do well! I'm off to study now & pout some more ):

wait...I lied, I do have some photos to show you <3 If you follow me on instagram (@nc_babyy) you've probably already seen these photos & want to punch me in the face for respamming XD

Here are the roses my boyfriend got for me for our 2 year anniversary <3 We had a nice dinner on the weekend (Sunday) before our actual anniversary date (Monday), because he had to work on Monday & I had school. So we spent the day together Sunday, but he ended up surprising me with flowers on our actual anniversary date xoxo :)

This is us!! We went out that weekend for a friend's birthday & got a photo together!! We never ever ever take photos together lol...so now I can show I'm not lying that I have a boyfriend TT_TT 

Random OC I made up while watching Tsubasa :) She needs some tweaking, but not sure what yet...

While watching Trinity Blood (stayed up all night to watch the whole show & sooo disappointed....lame ending -_-) this neko-chan came to life XD I really like her a lot! I might work on more different looks & what not, give her a little bio maybe. So far she's named neko-chan T-T

yayy makeup shots! before I got ill, I was diligently trying to have gal make up on (circle lens too!) as much as possible :) I think I didn't do too shabby of a job!

That's all...
promise :P

sadly going to study ):
xoxo NANA <3 


  1. Hope you're feeling better :)
    Sucks that you're far away from your bf >< and good luck with finals :( I'm on crunch time too ahh~
    Nice makeup btw ^^ Do you do that every morning? I wanna do makeup more often but takes soo long T.T

    1. thanks! I'm feeling a billion times better, still just coughing a bit & sniffly nose TT-TT To be honest, my makeup probably only looks like that 5 days out of the week (I have my lazy days!), it's definitely achievable to do your makeup like that everyday! As cheesy as it sounds, practice makes perfect! All my makeup takes about 20 mins with me slowly taking my time (putting on makeup for me is a treat *___* makes the day 10x better!). If I'm rushing I skip out on contacts...>___>


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