Monday, January 28, 2013

2o13 *___* !!

First off I'd like to say I TOLD YOU SO to all the people who thought we'd all die in 2012....yeah that didn't happen T____T"

Wow this entry has been in my drafts for almost a week now....

Before Christmas I was trying to eat healthier, limit eating unhealthy foods or OVER eating. Which is very hard to do during Christmas season+Finals at the same time. You want to be a lazy slob & eat all the delicious food around you T___T I resisted! Could also be due to the fact I was sick most of my appetite went down the drain. It was almost a bad thing that people were telling me I was looking nice & thin...all I thought was WTF I've barely eaten one full meal a day for the past 2 weeks @____@

Now that the new year has officially begun (a month ago XD) I'm still trying to be healthier, which includes exercise as well! So far for the past 3 days I've managed to do some type of workout. I'm curbing my snacking habit with LOADS of vegetables. I'm not necessarily cutting all fatty foods, I love to eat, I always will, I just need to eat healthier more often. My boyfriend has been pretty supportive, it makes it hard that he eats whatever (fricken high metabolism -___-). For instance, I've developed this obsession with pop, more specifically Coca Cola. Before it didn't really bother me not to drink pop, but due to series of events lol, I want to have a pop almost everyday. Pop is FULL of sugars, carbs, and excess sodium my body doesn't need. I haven't had a Coca Cola for 3 days...I caved today. I have night class once a week, and I completely forgot to pack my veggie snacks & tea. T___T Gonna have to make up for this later!

Here's some fitspiration!

Let me know what you think about getting healthy/being fit! (/side note: the word diet is often misinterpreted, a diet doesn't mean to lose weight, a diet is what a person, animal or community habitually eats.)

Photo spam time! (roughly oldest to newest :S)
I've been playing a lot with my makeup, I've tried the "no blending" with dark colors, so it seems more blunt. Seemed "edgy" at the time XD 

Even though once a week I have school 9:30am-8pm, I'm still trying my best to have my makeup looking good! I know some people may find that silly, but I feel more comfortable when I feel put together :)

Getting bored with my hair, tried a new style :) & YES that is my real hair, went to work with my headband braid & so many people kept poking at it asking if it was my hair or not -___-*

"glamorous" makeup shot hahaha

it was a "plain face" day, woke up late & only had time to put in contacts Dx order finally game in from :) I got Decolog who's (Dolly) lashes, Eyemazing No. 301 & 302 (bottom & top lashes), Flora Gerbera Violet contact lenses (for my Sailor Mars cosplay), & Flora Gerbera Red contact lenses (for my upcoming Black Gold Saw cosplay~)

/sidenote: I will do a review on all these items at a later date (the post drafts are started!), as of right now my midterms start in a weeks time for this semester )':

Photo with Flora Gerbera Violet & Eyemazing No. 301+302

Photo with Flora Gerbera Violet & Eyemazing No. 301+302
*Can you even tell I'm wearing bottom lashes? Finally caved in & bought them...but if I have mascara on the bottom falsies were shorter then my natural bottom lashes ): talk about disappointment! I did however wear them for my Sailor Mars cosplay (this past weekend), with NO mascara, & I did the "below your waterline" trick. Looked decent...not really my style for everyday makeup though :S

More makeup shots of the lenses & lashes, I'm overall super happy to have all that I ordered. I was feeling my makeup had started to lack somewhere, & that filled up the hole sorta XD

With my "fitspiration" I've been having, I've started to cook! I was never bad per say, I just never had any initiative to cook. The dumplings (left) were pan fried & the bruschetta (right) oven toasted <3 I truly enjoyed making my own food, its great to have homemade food to pick from in the fridge then packaged snacks!

Random photo, don't remember where I got it off of, somewhere randomly over the internet ehehe.... I'm thinking of wanting to lighten my hair! I've had the dark brown/black hair with ombre for sooo long, I'm bored of it T____T I need change! & I'm thinking of some bangs! For reals this time! Which shade in the picture (above) should I go with? If they all look the same to you, just pick a style! I'm leaning more towards the girl in the front row, second from the left (hmm?)

Makeup inspiration! LOVE what was done with the eyeliner here, must find a time to try it out! I'm needing some waterproof eyeliner, I had gotten regular liquid liner from the Sephora the applicator, but hate that when you put on lashes & while you're adjusting the lashes (with glue on it) the eyeliner smudges T____T super annoying! /Color palette is beautiful as well~

Design inspiration! I was at HomeSense, & came across this bedspread, I fell in love with the design. Thinking of incorporating something similar into an acrylic piece I've been working on.

Now I'll leave you with my last Youtube video I uploaded about 2 weeks ago! What do you think of this one? I worked on editing a little more :S it's a new concept for me!



  1. idk what is so hard about night classes!! i always find myself at the vending machine getting a sugar loaded snapple .... ToT good luck~~~ :)

    1. ughh I share your pain! There's conveniently a starbucks right outside my class....I normally don't drink coffee often, now I have a coffee every night class! TT w TT


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