Friday, November 9, 2012

30 followers (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Hello my lovelies :)

I've reached 30 followers! *does a happy dance :D* Giveaway? Let me know! I don't know how to do one some help with that would be nice :) Or do you not do giveaways yet? Is there like some certain limit where giveaways are okay or not okay haha. Because to me 30 followers is like a classroom of people...that's a lot of people!

On another note, I've expanded my "internet presence" >_> lol. I made a youtube video! To be honest, what it really was, was that I was doing my makeup, my lap top was sitting there all innocently, turned on iMovie, BAM! I had a video :3 Did you know iMovie can post straight to Youtube?! So useful! But people do say I'm easily amused, for instance it's been a week since I've seen this video & the adorableness still hasn't worn off..
This baby is too cute for words! video :O *I had to change the audio, because someone on daily_gyaru let me know that my video wasn't able to be viewed in Germany because of the music content ): sorry ladies!

Those of you who follow me, comment, or even just browse by my blog, I want to know what you think! Because you're the ones who take the time to look at my posts (at least I think so T___T), so if you could comment and let me know what you think that'd be great :) It's not a tutorial, I don't think I'd be good at a 'step by step' how to do your makeup, since I'm still experimenting. I just wanted to show other gals who are testing the waters out in gal, getting a feel if they like it or not, another gaijin gyaru. And I haven't found many who have my eye shape, if this can help one gal out I'm happy :)

I got a comment from a gal on the video saying:
"waaaa~ thank you for posting this! 

i've seen your posts on everyday/daily gyaru and i've always wondered what exactly you do compared to other gyaru, because i like your makeup style alot more than some others' :3
i wanna try to do my makeup like this sometime♡ 
thanks againヽ(*・ω・)ノ"
I'm glad I could inspire her!

I've been trying to work with my tablet, but with exams I've been on another hiatus for a month ): Hopefully (I won't get my hopes up though..) since my exams just finished 2 days ago, I can get some art time in. I started working on a character of mine that I've on & off worked on, never on tablet before). It's just an outline sketch, I'm currently in the midst of colouring it in, what a task that is! Don't underestimate digital artists! It's just as intricate as your traditional painting~
I attended another comic convention! I cosplayed again but as Sailor Mars :) I really want to cosplay as Sailor Moon, she is ultimately my hero, but after cosplaying as Hatsune Miku, I needed a break from the heavy pig tail wigs! I love all the senshi, so it was difficult for to pick one~ I saw a Sailor Mercury, Sailor Venus and Sailor Moon at the Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo (the very first!); so it was a good thing I went as Mars :) I only got a picture with Venus ): I still have to figure out how to get the photos off my camera, because my lap top doesn't have a spot for the memory card </3 Here's a photo that got taken by one of the businesses who had a booth at the expo:
If you follow me on instagram, you probably would have seen my makeup photos that I meticulously planned!

I've already started scoping out what I want to cosplay as next, if I'm lucky there will be a Taste of Animethon still this February!

Cosplay ideas:
Black Gold Saw from Black Rock Shooter
:: first image is from dA by an artist named ji3mi
Black Gold Saw is a whole lot more risque then I've cosplayed, but the weapons & characters themselves are really unique. Gonna have to really step up eating healthy & exercising, gotta tone up my tummy!

Nana Osaki from NANA
Obvious nickname is Nana, love the anime/manga/live action, and Nana Osaki is a total bad ass :P

Rima Toya (very left) or Ruka Souen (very right) from Vampire Knight
I'm very iffy about whether or not I wanted to cosplay as one of them, I love em' vampires so it's hard not to want to at sometime to cosplay as someone from VK, I do really like the manga! I just don't want to cosplay as Yuki Cross since she's very over represented, time to give some other characters a little love :P

All these characters are veeeery different, and the anime/manga are very different as well. Let me know what you think!

I'm off to do homework ): boo!

xoxo NANA <3


  1. I like this video :) It's easy to follow and it's so good that there are now more gyaru tutorials on youtube :3
    The cosplay photo is so cute! ♥

    1. Thank you very much! :) Compared to when I was first researching about gyaru, there's lots of videos now! It's great to see the community growing :)


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