Friday, October 19, 2012

new hair!

If you follow me on instagram you would have seen my new pictures up of my red ombre-esque hair :) I have to say I'm super happy with it & that it really goes well with the fall season :)

My new hair! I moved the part of my hair too, I told my hair dresser the predicament I was in concerning whether or not I should get bangs, & she told me never do anything with your hair if you're not sure. In the practical sense, having my hair longer (bangs area) is easier for me to tie it up, with my busy lifestyle.

Love my new cross earrings? ALDO! I went into Aldo & went on an accessories spree, there's lots of crosses, stud embellishments--right up my alley!

IRL my hair to me seems more red, so I butchered the contrast on this photo just so it would show up ._. Along with adding the red ombre, I dyed the rest of my hair a chocolate cherry, the overall look of my hair then has a red tint <3 love it!

Make up shot after being awake for over 36 hours (I had stayed up to study for midterm exam, then I had to work the same day of the exam -_-)...reason for the crazy cross eyed look haha. best part was that my cross eyed look is only one eye since my one contact didn't move XD Despite looking like the the walking dead, LOVED my makeup. I contoured, had contacts, falsies looked great, my face was the only thing I had going for me >3<

Until my next post (don't you love how I blog more during school =_=)

xoxo NANA <3


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