Monday, October 1, 2012

early present for me :D

Exciting news! I'm purchasing my very first interactive tablet :) I've been researching what seems like forever, & I have settled on purchasing the Intuos5 Medium <3 I am very excited!
Can't wait to use this bad boy! I think the medium size will suit me very well, more portable, and similar sizing to my lap top anyways :) 

I recently watched a video on deviantART that was filmed at the San Diego Comicon, where very successful artists were talking about how dA was a great outlet for them & how they went from traditional art to digital. Felt very inspired again! I really wanted to dip to feet into the digital art world, I have never used any products for art on the computer, and I have a feeling it will be a challenge. 

Anyone who uses a tablet (intuos or not), how long did it take for you to get used to drawing on something where the image wasn't right there (compared to traditional sketching)? 
I'm curious to know some personal feedback on what you think! 

xoxo NANA <3


  1. Took me quite awhile to get used to my tablet sadly :( Mine's a wacom bamboo tablet. It can become hard drawing and looking up at the screen. Where as when sketching on paper you're looking right at the paper while drawing >_< But I'm not much of a pro artist so yeah haha I wish you luck :3

    1. i accidentally deleted my comment when I was playing with the pen of the tablet (I bought it now!), but thanks for commenting! :)


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