Saturday, September 15, 2012

Blogger Resurrection >__>

hello again <3 :)

So maybe operation "blog as much as possible before school starts" didn't really happen.... I didn't forget about posting, it was more like in the back of my head I knew I should be blogging but you happened Dx

Thank you for the few comments on my pre-convention cosplay photos! I DO have photos from being at Animethon (which I didn't get much of, so many things to do, I didn't want to waste time taking photos..).

*photo spam initiated

I have to say I'm completed infatuated with these cute platform booties <3

DaisyStripper also was guest at Animethon! Love them a ton <3 To be honest, I hadn't actually paid much attention to visual kei artists, but seeing DaisyStripper live, meeting them (autograph session) and even talking to them (thank you Japanese 101/102!) renewed my love :) I got out of my Miku cosplay, the wig (being 3 parts!!) was so heavy, that I decided I needed a break. Considering how warm it got at the concert I'm glad I changed into some shorts, and comfy shoes (TOMS<3)! One of my fellow gal/coworkers met up with me at the concert :) We had a blast with each other! Nice to hang out with another gal to complain about work with & drool over cute VK boys ;)

I bought individual photos of each guy, so after the concert they had another autograph session where I got to take the time to get individual photographs signed & talk to them. I told Yuugiri I liked him in Japanese >///< !! All the members are so charismatic in their own way, that I love ALL of them. My heart was pounding so hard, and I was so flustered T___T <3

* I do have a lot of photos of makeup shots, outfit shots I'd like to share, but that would make this post IMPOSSIBLY long, I've started on the posts already they're just in drafts (._.   )''

Until next time!

xoxo NANA

yours truly less glamorous XD #girlproblems #whatidoforniceskin #derpface

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