Monday, September 17, 2012

Throwback Thursday...without the Thursday !(◎_◎;)

Apparently when I'm back in school I blog more T___T makes no sense!! But I promised I'd photo spam you guys with more photos, right?

I thought it'd be cool to show some pics of when I first was playing around with makeup seriously (oxymoron...I was "seriously" "playing" -___-). This was actually almost exactly 3 years ago!
Prepare for derpy photo faces! Looks like I'm permanently pouting or sticking my tongue out.... Also, ignore the captions I put on photos...I was a young naive teenager! (Not that I'm anymore older now bahaha)

So a little personal info about me, after the last 2 photos there (in Hong Kong! I had bought ViVi, Cawaii & Ray in Chinese when I was there, no idea they were Japanese magazines lol) at the time I had broke up with my boyfriend before I had gone to Hong Kong+China, when I came back my ex wouldn't leave me alone. He'd constantly say he liked my long hair & blonde highlights, so I went and chopped my hair off XD

My cute LG icecream phone I got in China! <3 miss that phone ):

...and I went and dyed my hair darker XD The things I do to my hair!

Year went by (now I have an LG lollipop phone...I like phones with food names haha!) grew my hair out, and first really heard about "gyaru". I occasionally wore circle lens or demi-lashes (where they go on the outer half of your eye only).

(my very first post on e_g was this photo~ but then I deleted it because I was afraid of the reception and g_s...><")

Got into a more "sweeter" style. (beginning of university!)

(more experimentation with into second half of university haha.)

I think I started to take my blog seriously and actually write something at this point. I had switched my hair from the classic "side swept" bangs to a middle parting, and was focusing more on coords, accessories, etc. 

Ta-da! Recent photos that I promised :) I think my style has really matured, my make up is less amateur. I know I still have a far ways to go, but I'm more than willing to go that extra mile. The idea of gyaru, the lifestyle, the empowerment to women, makes it worth it :) And you know, wearing the lashes, the circle lens, hasn't hindered me at all at work. People just accept that's my style, so for those of you who are curious, just starting, or still on the road of discovery like myself, don't be afraid to try new things! This doesn't just apply to being gyaru, if you want to experiment with your style, do it! Only after you've tried it will you know if you like it or not. For myself, I have to try something, I can't have in the back of my head the little doubt/regret gnawing at me that I didn't have the guts to try something. Like my mom says, "at first you don't succeed, try & try again". 

snap shot of me at university! bored on my break waiting for my next class... (>   3   <)"
Can't see my cute leopard print cross necklace I'm wearing ):

I want to know to, how do you prefer my hair over the years (3 years I've shown XD)? My hair is super long, giving me lots of options I can do with my hair, I want to know what you think! I know for sure I want to get my hair ombre with red (deep purple kind of red) ^^

On another note, if you'd like to see photos constantly of what I'm up to, I'm an huge instagram loser! I'm always posting on instagram, either everyday or a few times a day :)
instagram: nc_babyy


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