Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cosplay Time \(^o^)/!!

I'm posting again already :P I've finally received EVERYTHING for my cosplay!! I have the outfit, makeup, contacts, all set to go! So I tested out what my look would be for Animethon ^^ (picture spam :P)

Definitely love the circle lens :)

Comfort 3.5/5
> They weren't horrible or anything, but the edges of the lens were a tad uncomfortable. I didn't order prescription lens, which was a HUGE mistake! Because whenever the lens moved across my vision blurred =_= mistake on my part!

Color/Design 5/5
> Absolutely LOVED the color! & It matched perfectly for my cosplay, exactly what I expected considering I knew it would look lighter on my hazel eyes then the model's brown eyes.

Enlargement 5/5
> One word: Perfect <3

Now some picture spam of me with my makeup all done & the wig on! Any tips on the best way to keep a wig on? I have a wig cap, but I'm having difficulty getting my hair to stay put in it...only problem with hair that reaches my mid back >_>
Some close ups of my make :') quite pleased with how it turned out! And shows a bit better the length of my natural hair.

Let me know what you think!

bye bye from Miku :3


  1. Really cute Miku.cosplay ^^ love all the vibrant blue ♥

  2. You look very cute *^_^*

    1. thank you! followed your blog, it's very cute & interesting!

  3. So cute! And great work on the eye make up :]

    1. I used the Michelle Phan video tutorial on Hatsune Miku make up, so credit goes to her! I just had a good attempt XD

  4. Ah, the Miku wig is really heavy! I usually don't have any problems with it, but make sure you have that wig cap that's...pipe shaped? lol, it's like a tube. It's better that the ones who are like a real "cap". I'm bad at explaining, sorry @__@ bobby pins also work!

    1. Yes i did get the "pipe shaped" wig cap! I manoeuvred it better on the con day, and it stayed on all day (with the help of some bobby pins!!) (^ - ^) v


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