Monday, March 26, 2012

ZARA splurge +lip stick overload ❤

Back with a picture heavy post! I hope this will make up for the last post and its nonexistent photos >w< " This is going to be a looong update, so bear with me, & I hope you read through all of it XD

On Thursdays I have a weird schedule at school, where I have classes from 9:30 to 12:30 and then a huge gap until my 5PM class >_> (didn't really plan that out well :S), so I took the train to the nearby mall to spend the ZARA gift card I got for my birthday ^-^

*initiating photo spam!! (these are the few outfits i DID like, since I must have tried on everything in the whole store T_T

The first one was short jean shorts (booty shorts XD!!) that were fringed on the bottom, super cute! Paired with a loose blouse that was cut off at the shoulders. It was buttoned up all the way, and had these neat metal pieces on the tips of the collar. Very different! Which I find appealing. The only thing I was kinda iffy about with the top was that it was really long in the back, but still quite long in the front. So to pair with the shorts would be hard, since I don't want to seem like I'm not wearing any pants ... Or else I'd like it! I'm usually really into tops like that! O_o ...weird

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this skirt! It's long in the back, and short in the front, but the short skirt is the same length all the way round, but the see through overlay (covers the whole skirt) is longer in the back. I find it's a compromise for my body type, for the maxi dresses that do the short skirt underneath the see through part that makes the dress into a maxi. I paired the skirt with a few different tops. The photo on the left, was a long sleeve blouse that was "crocheted" (I have no idea what the right word is), adored the high collar, thought it paired well together. & even looks not too bad with the flats I was already wearing! Would boots go well or maybe the booty heels? Never had a skirt like this, not 100% on how to put it in coordinates. & then on the right, same skirt just with a striped t-shirt (actually quite long, length went to about wear the front of the skirt ended), felt it gave it a more casual look. 

My hair is super long, goes past my mid back (wear your bra band is), and wearing it in a pony tail gets heavy (crazy headaches!), soooo I looped my hair and put it in a hair clip! Thought it looked pretty cute :) I took a photo (with the assistance of the amazing double mirrors in the change room) & tried to brighten it up as much as possible so you could see! & the other two photos are just some makeup shots❤ My eyeshadow was a peach pink/purple/white gold mix that day~
* On a side note, what does everyone think of my centre part? Pretty much all through out the posts on this blog, I had transitioned to the centre part (I used to have a straight fringe, busy in university = no time for hair cut...but yet I have time to shop o_O so must mean I'm just lazy XD); the people in know IRL are biased, either already hate the style of centre part or in my BFs case don't really know or don't want to hurt my feelings. I want the TRUTH, comment/pm me if the centre part needs to go! As I said, my hair is super long, freedom for different hairstyles! It's a canvas waiting to be created!!

Now here my lovelies, is my lip stick overload! I was cleaning up my makeup bags (yes that is plural for the amount of stuff I have.... It's including brushes too) I sorted out all my lipstick, to find that I have a lot of lipstick...(later I found 3 more...but I was too lazy to color my arms up again lol) 
All the red labels, just mean they're by Lancome and the other one is the RIMMEL London I wrote about in a previous post. I don't have any BFF-ness with Lancome, but they give awesome freebies which usually include lipstick, when you purchase so much. I happen to like a lot of their face wash products, hence I get a shit load of freebies from Lancome hahaha. The Retro Rouge and the Rich Cashmere are my faves, I use them all the time, and I took money out of my own pocket to buy them XD they're my lip stick babies! Good thing I cleaned up my makeup, because I found doubles of a few, so I chucked the old ones (smelt stale T~T)

Last night I went to go watch 21 Jump Street...never laughed so hard!  The only other movie I can remember where I laughed at the point where it hurt, almost consistently from the beginning to the end was Bride Maids. This had the same raunchiness as Brides Maids, but in a bromance sort of way! Channing Tatum (yummy sexy beast) usually gets cast as the not so bright characters (maybe because he isn't so kidding!) but I felt like he genuinely made the character in this movie, his character actually had character growth that was relatable & so darn sweet! & Jonah Hill, that boy (or I should say man, it's been a long time since Super Bad! hahahaa) is gifted, anything out of his mouth was funny. He's quirky, and he had real character growth as well! I don't want to give away any spoilers, because I really do believe everyone should go out and watch it! I knew nothing about the movie going in, & loved it. Usually movies like this, seem like the type where the commercial has ALL of the funny parts, not this movie! I threw in the trailer to entice you to spend $7-$10 on something amazing! So go watch it before you dare to look back at my blog! Seriously! No, just kidding don't leave me ): But really, go watch it :D

Jelly Anna is having a giveaway! Congrats to her for a year in blogging :) Visit her blog at IM SO JELLY ❤ & check out the rules to being in her giveaway! If anything, she is such an inspiration for gal fashion (& she's Canadian :D), check out her blog anyways :)

xoxo NANA


  1. Zara has some nice clothes!: D : D I love the swatches!

    1. ZARA is one of my favorite places to shop :) i've gotten clothes, shoes, bags & accessories too ❤ I'm glad you liked the swatches! I thought it'd be something new/interesting for me to post ^^"


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