Thursday, March 15, 2012

Birthday Blog ♪(*^^)o∀*∀o(^^*)♪

Finally I'll write about my birthday lol, over due much T-T sadly the day before & actual bday day I failed as a blogger and didn't take pictures (ーー;)hopefully my words will fuel your imagination!! d( ̄  ̄)

So the day before my bday I had pulled an all nighter to complete a paper for school, that day I was running on adrenaline & wanted to celebrate my birthday when I didn't have to cram again. Soooo my boyfriend & I decided to go to Brewsters (chicken wings special too om nom nom!!). We got hot wings, salt & pepper wings, & BBQ wings; we shared a lobster macaroni & cheese (first time having it & it was amaaaazing, I had seen it on TV & my expectations were met!); and had a calamari appetizers with chipotle sauce yum! (^∇^)We were so full afterwards, I swear I thought we have to roll ourselves to the car XD

NOW on the actual day of my birthday day (i've confused myself >.>) I had only one class O(≧∇≦)O muhahaha! Then my cousin treated me to lunch at...RED LOBSTERS!! OM NOM NOM ❤❤❤ for months I kept seeing commercials on TV about red lobster (I'm in a Prairie region, seafood isn't fresh or plentiful...just lots of beef =_= poor cows...), my cousin felt the same so we both went XD service was great! Food was great! Our waitress was very friendly, when I found a hair in my complimentary salad (good thing I didn't eat it, saved my appetite for the main course >:D) she was right away to apologize & offer dessert! Which was ironic since it was my bday, she later surprised my cousin & I by not charging us for BOTH our desserts! Which were deeeelicious! I had a chocolate chip cookie lava cake & my cousin had one of theeee most delicious chocolate cakes EVER :D

Rest of the night was uneventful, as I studied the night away =_=

Next post will be pic heavy!!

xoxo NANA


  1. Happy belated b-day~!
    =___=Im not sure why I haven't commented yet, but yay you have blogger~!♥

    1. thank you! are you on CanadaGyaru on facebook? It's cool that you found my blog! :)

    2. :D Np
      lol yup.Haha thnx to E_G~!

    3. I'm so jealous that there's so many gals in Toronto! Edmonton is sorta vacant (@ ̄ρ ̄@)


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