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TAG 11 Things ~EmixLea

HI :) I was planning on giving a big update post again when I saw a comment left by EmixLea on my last post saying they had TAGGED me! I'm glad they tagged me, since I've never been 'tagged' in a blog before <3 So thank you Emi & Lea!! *Honestly everyone should check out their blog, I love how it's either Emi or Lea blogging, their writing voice is similar but they're both unique ^^

* On a side note, did anyone notice I switched to DISQUS for commenting, good / bad ? Let me know! If it's too annoying, I can always switch it back :)
*~ Comments started disappearing so I took off DISQUS until I can figure out what was wrong T_T

ON WITH THE TAG POST (*does a happy dance)

*Post 11 random facts about yourself
*Answer 11 questions that the tagger asked
*Tag another 11 and ask them 11 questions that they are supposed to answer
*Inform them that you have tagged them

11 Facts About Me (...that have randomly come to mind XD)

1. I don't have one favourite food. I through phases of different types of food I like to eat <3 I like to try all different ethnic foods too, I'm always looking for somewhere cool to eat yummy food :) *Currently my obsession is toasted sandwich with mayo, tomatoes & bacon <3 delicious!!

2. In grade 10 I loved gal magazines, but at the time never knew what the heck gyaru was. 

3. I love learning languages! I've taken Mandarin Chinese as a second language from kindergarten to grade 12. & my first year of university (this year!) I started taking Japanese :) Next language I'd like to take is either German or French!

4. I'm a die hard Sailor Moon fan since the dubbed anime came out <3 Now that the manga is being re-released in North America, I'm buying it up!! I love all the characters, Usagi & Mamoru BEST COUPLE EVER!! I read SM fan fiction too ehehe (don't like other anime fan fics, just SM!) As a kid I looked up to Usagi so much, I was sure I was a moon princess too (I was in kindergarten!) TT-TT

5. I'm cosplaying as Hatsune Miku this summer at Animethon 19 :) first time cosplaying!

6. DISLIKE when random strangers ask me what my ethnicity is...& they always ask "what are you?" what kind of question is that?! -_-*

7. I love to wear makeup, because I can experiment with different styles, techniques. I could care less about not wearing makeup, but for me it's fun so that's why I always wear it :)

8. I love to draw. Whenever I draw up a character (usually supernatural) I create a little background story about them, even if I don't ever decide to write a story/draw a manga.

9. I like to joke around / tease people XD Can't get enough laughter! or I'm just a smart ass XD

10. I have two bucket lists, the first is a list of things I want to accomplish in the next three years (when I get my Bachelor of Arts) & the other list is lifetime goals I want to achieve 

11. Deathly afraid of heights. I will hyperventilate & probably cry Dx Yet if dared / challenged to go on a roller coaster I'll do it T_T* 

11 Questions from Emi & Lea :) !
1. Well since we are twins, if you where a twin how would you like to tease other people with your twin?

Hmm to pull a prank on other people I'd wear the exact same thing as my twin (same makeup, hairstyle) & go in two spots, have my twin say one thing & when the person saw me I'd act like I didn't know what they are talking about and say the opposite XD does that make sense O_O...

2.What is the thing/person that facinates you the most?
Bad Drivers! I do NOT understand how someone can get their license (they'd have to be a decent driver) & turn into a psycho driver?!?! 

3. If you could choose 3 languages that you where born with, which would you choose and why?
Toisan (dialect of Chinese -my dad never taught my siblings or I the dialect he spoke)
English (so I could talk to my mom still & other half of family!)
French (it downright just sounds sexy) 

4. What is your favorite memory?
The day my youngest sibling had a successful second surgery to remove the tumour on his liver. Best day ever, I've never been so happy.

5. What is your pet peeve?
People who are passive aggressive, & don't just say what they mean. 
Ex. "I'm sooo hungry, I wish I had something to eat..." *they stare at you.
WTF get off your lazy ass & get your own food! T_T getting angry just thinking about it...

6. If you had a superpower, what would it be and what would you do with it?
I'd want wings :) Giant feathery wings, so I could fly! I have an obsession with wings (which doesn't make sense that I want to fly if I'm scared of heights....) I draw them all the time on my OCs :)

7. If you could choose any one animal in the world and have it compleatly obedient as a pet, what animal would you choose?
Dragon. How badass would that be :D ?

8. Where have you traveled to, and which of those was your favorite? Why?
California (Disney Land), Hawaii (Maui & Honolulu), China (Xi'An, Cheng Du, Shanghai, Beijing, Hunan, Hong Kong).
China was my favourite! Love all the different food there! Love everyone there, the fashion, music, everything about it :) & I'm including HK in China, not trying to start a political debate but that way I can pick it into my fave :P

9.  What kind of fashion style do you like the most, and what really "different" stylle do you want to try?
GYARU! I'm an aspiring gal, I hope to be one soon :) I know I don't look like an Ane/Ora gal, but I loveee that style of gal & it's very different then how I look. I'm sorta " undefined " in what style I'm in, I prefer the more rokku edgier look (love wearing black :D). But Ane/Ora I love how it's concentrated on eyemake! Which is my favorite part of makeup :)

10. What is your favorite online shop?
YESSTYLE :) Because there are so many different brands & different stuff you can buy! You can buy clothes, accessories, shoes, make up, bags, swimwear, you name it!

11.  Favorite anime/TV show? Why?
Sailor Moon. No questions asked. *explained above in random fact #4 :P

Questions from Me!
1. What is your favourite food & Why? (Pick one only!)
2. If you could have some sort of supernatural power what would it be?
3. A zombie apocalypse: run & hide OR fight? If run & hide, where would you go? If fight, how would you take down the zombie onslaught?
4. What are 3 things you want to do before you die?
5. Top 2 favorite manga or cartoon/anime? & WHY :P I have to somehow make these questions interesting XD
6. What is your bad habit (pick your nose, litter, be a sparkly vampire)?
7. If you could describe yourself in 3 words, what would they be?
8. Who was your childhood hero?
9. What's your favourite drink? I'm asking too many food related questions x_x
10. What's your favourite holiday & why? :)
11. Vampires or Werewolves? I might have ran out of ideas for questions... XD

1. Emi ♔ ! *Beauty is an opinion へようこそ* !
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8. jasminblog4ever : jasminblog4ever
9. SUSEIKI : &forever
10. ✦christian✦ : dim skeletons

okay bye! this is the last time I do one of these, seriously took me over a week to finish it =_=
* I don't know why the heck a huge chunk of this post is mini sized....I went through 2 times going over the font size & it still looks smurfed *@* !! especially since it looks normal when I go into edit it.....ARGH sorry readers ):

xoxo NANA


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