Thursday, June 21, 2012

Blog is Still Alive T___T !!

Oh my, it's been way too long since I've posted again. Here I thought when I had finally finished school, I had all these aspirations, creativity surges I was going to explore, etc., but I feel like I'm blogging even less than when I was in school ): Here's a couple outfit spams! The red jacket was too cool with the stripes inside <3

I baked a cake for the very first time too! Considering I combined 2 recipes and added a little extra of this & that, it tasted good & was really moist! But it fell apart when I took it out of the pan, because I forgot to coat it with flour >_>

Some make up looks with the "Jennifer" fake lashes I got from Sephora. I feel like they work for the gal look, need circle lenses!

I ordered my cosplay outfit for Animethon last week! & I ordered some fake lashes and circle lenses off of YESSTYLE. The items shipped yesterday so hopefully I'll get them soon! I really want to get my gal look perfected, feels like I keep trying new techniques but my look doesn't seem to have progressed at all :\

Hopefully next post I'll have my lens, lashes, & Hatsune Miku cosplay, and I can show you all :)

Lots of love!
xoxo NANA


  1. omg you're going to animethon too??
    who are you cosplaying?
    also I really love your outfits u v u

    1. Thank you! :) Ooo you live in Edmonton?! We should meet up & take photos together at animethon! I'm cosplaying as Hatsune Miku :)

    2. omg no i don't live in Edmonton, I live in the area though!
      Also yes we should!
      I can't wait to see your cosplay~

    3. Do you have Skype? Add me! nanaXaimihana

  2. hello i'm your new follower.
    i really like your blog. so intersting!! and it looks so cute.
    i'd appreciate, if you follow me back. c: i just created my new blog here on blogger. so if you like... please follow me!! :D
    thank you ^^

    1. Awh thanks for checking out my blog! I'll be for sure to follow you :)

  3. .... its because school makes us want to find ways to procrastinate on the computer lol! :)

    1. So true -.- my enemy is , so pointless yet so entertaining TT_TT


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